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5 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss

Hair Loss? Do not panic and stuck with a misleading myth. Consider the 5 myths and facts about hair loss and following the right time to take action so that your hair free from the risk of damage.

1. Myth or fact: Too often wear helmets or hoods made of hair loss.
Answer: Actually, this is just a myth. However, the condition of hair that covered every day and sometimes become damp hair follicles can become clogged due to lack of blood circulation and good air in the head area.
Scalp conditions also need to be considered and given nutrients by intensive. Customize your shampoo with your hair type and needs. Choose a shampoo that benefits a whole and not only strengthens the hair shaft, but also provide nutrients to the scalp. Use shampoo from the roots to the ends of the hair to clean it thoroughly. Continue to use hair conditioner and rinse using cold water to close the pores of the hair.

2. Myth or fact: Shampooing every day aggravate hair loss.
Answer: Actually, the use of shampoo works to cleanse hair without affecting the hair loss occurs. However, strands of hair that pooled in the shower drain every time we wash it of course triggers panic that emerged the notion that the more frequent shampooing, the hair loss will be more and more.
Under normal conditions, each day our hair will fall out approximately one hundred strands per day. But the hair root nutrition and healthy conditions, the new hair will grow to replace the loss of hair.
Therefore, the correct structure of the hair from the root using serum Dove Intensive Treatment Root Trichazole containing the active ingredient. Apply every day on the shaft of the hair is still damp after shampooing and dried using a towel. Do not forget to use on a regular basis for 2 weeks. For best results, use a series of Dove Hairfall Treatment.

3. Myth or fact: Combing hair 100 times a day can reduce hair loss.
Answer: Combing hair does give the sensation of a light massage to the hair so that the circulation of blood. However, if excessive can actually injure the follicles and weakens the hair strands. Hair comb your taste by adjusting the type of comb you hair. Should select the comb of metal or wood to reduce static friction on the hair.

4. Myth or fact: The main cause of hair loss is hormonal and stress.
Answer: It is true. Physical and emotional stress that can lead to two kinds of excessive hair loss. The first type is telogen effluvium where the hair stops growing, and fall off the next two months. Then it will grow in the following six months.

The second type is alopecia areata affected by white blood cells in the follicle, resulting in hair loss in a matter of weeks. So that the effect could be mitigated, improve your lifestyle and watch your intake of nutrients by consuming healthy foods. Regular exercise can also reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, which is produced during stress, as well as produce endorphins, giving rise to feelings of happiness.

5. Myth or fact: Using a vise and blow dry cause hair loss.
Answer: Actually, the direct use of blow dry, clamp tool and excessive hair product is not the main cause of hair loss from roots. However, this can make the condition of the hair becomes dry and brittle. Especially if accompanied by excessive styling as tied and bouffant. After all, a woman's life is now not far away from hair styling tools. Therefore, the role of hair care products such as masks and serums automatically become essential.

After shampooing, apply Dove Treatment Mask Hairfall enough on the hair and give a light massage. Let stand for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Do it at least once a week to provide nutrients to the hair shaft are 'persecuted' that sparkles back. For maximum results, then use Dove Treatment Serum Hairfall first so that your hair stay strong and not easily broken when in-styling.

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