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Is it Really Should Not Mutually Brand Skin Care Products?

There is the assumption that changing skin care products or skin care make damaged skin. Was not the cause.

Basically, says beauty expert dr. Auria Ekanti Pratama, is a skin care product that gives effect to the front. Not currently use just as happened to the drugs in the class of some sort nafza psikotrapika. Therefore, there is no term dependence on skin care product brands.

Skin care, he continued, is a treatment that provides vitamins or nutrients to the skin of the face and body of the user. However, if one is having an adverse effect on his face skin care related, many are mistaken to understand its causes. Not due to change brands of skin care products, Auria said, "but due to discontinuation of use, the skin returns to normal."

So even when it comes to a skin doctor or dermatologist, any cream that is given must be the dose. Indeed, it became a problem when we stop using them. Take for example, Auria said, in the case of acne treatment that actually need long term care. Cream given to treat outer appearance (acne). When stopped, the acne was going to show up again.

However, physicians who practice in beauty Auria's Health and Beauty Clinic, Solo was understanding the emergence of side effects when a person moves care products. For example, emerging acne, dull skin, or blackheads. This is not due to dependence. But, because of the composition and the dose used in each product is not the same. Thus, the first use of a new product, the skin requires adjustment.

In the eyes of Auria, including the desire to try new skin care products is a natural thing. Everyone wants to get the best, including in the skin care business.

But he reminded the potential for a variety of skin reactions on the use of products with different brands. Therefore, it is not easy to detect the reaction will muncul.Sebab in essence, the reaction depends on the circumstances of each skin or face in receiving materials contained in a product.

Therefore, Auria also dismissed the notion brought alternated beauty products is intended to allow the skin is not immune. Of course this is not right. The change was granted because there is the desire to look your best, but the reaction should be anticipated.

Skin care in order to provide maximum results, Auria provide tips:

1. Get to know your skin type, whether it is normal to dry, normal to oily, or sensitive. Then wear a type of care according to skin type.
2. Begin to use beauty products after age 18, but for light products such as sun screen or lotion should be used early.
3. Look and notice the skin care products you use, from the level of security to the content or composition. It can be consulted with a doctor.
4. In the event of adverse effects, such as allergies, consult your doctor immediately.
5. If your skin type including sensitive skin, do not use any beauty products, let alone changing brands is not in accordance with the skin condition.
6. Should consult with an expert before using various skin care products, ingredients and dosage given is not necessarily the same. Feared could aggravate your skin condition because there are contraindications of these materials.
7. Apply a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise, not smoking, not drinking alcohol, avoiding pollutants, and avoid excessive stress.
8. Periodic consultations condition of your skin to the treating physician.

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