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Is it normal if the face is often red ?

Bright red facial skin is every woman's dream. However, your skin tends to be sensitive to sunlight, and it seems you have a skin type with a lot of blood vessels dilate and easy, so that when exposed to sunlight, or embarrassed and angry (requires a lot of muscle movements that provoke the blood vessels around the face to be active) , your face is always flushed.

It is indeed influenced by the white skin of your face, because in fact every person has a lot of blood vessels in the skin of the face, but in a very white-skinned people, dilated blood vessels were clearly visible than those who tend to be dark-skinned.

Steps should you take to help solve it is by using SPF 30 sunblock and skin supplements containing Vitamin E. That way, you have done a skin protection "outside-in", because the air-SPF sunblock to protect the skin from UV rays sting that can harm the skin, and vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps maintain healthy skin from inside the body. More complete if you can also do a skin care routine, routine cleaning with minimal skin every time out activities outside the home.

So do not worry, your skin condition classified as normal, just a little sensitive than others, and it is not a disease or disorder, the body's only a matter of tolerance towards a more excitatory sensitifdibandingkan others. Good luck, do not lower yourself.

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