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Signs and Factors That Cause Hair to Become Dry

Dry hair is often linked with damaged hair. However, please note that the hair is not the same as the dry damaged hair.

Dry hair is the beginning of your normal hair starts to break down. Here are the signs and factors that cause hair to become dry.

Brittle hair
Dry hair usually has a fairly fragile condition. To test, hold your hair upside down so that the tip of the hair facing up. Then swipe your finger from top to bottom to determine the texture of hair. Does it feel soft, dry or rough?

Dry hair texture often indicates that the hair has a forked end and difficult to absorb moisture well.

The usual hair easily arranged into unruly. Moisture dry hair has become noticeably less so 'irregular' and difficult to set.

Easily tangled
Normal and oily hair usually has a texture that is 'bouncy', that's what makes the two types of the hair easier to comb, especially after shampooing. Unruly is one of the problems often faced by owners of dry hair while combing. Therefore, moisturizing conditioner and use a proper solution for dry hair that does not tangle easily that can cause hair loss.

Most dry hair along with the hair tip branching. Besides being a sign of dry hair, tip branching is also one characteristic of damaged hair. If you've experienced it, there is no other way to handle it than by cutting the tip of the branch. Make it a habit to always apply a moisturizer to the ends of the hair to avoid this problem.

Keep in mind also that you also must know the factors that can lead to dry hair;

Exposure to sunlight and air conditioning
Occasional exposure to sunlight will not have a negative impact on the health of the hair. However, if too frequent outdoor activities, can make hair dry and dull conditions. Likewise for those who every day work in air-conditioned room.

Excessive grooming
Hair with a vise or a hair dryer that is too hot and too often can make the hair become dry conditions. Not to mention the use of chemicals such as rebonding, perms, and coloring. Excessive grooming can cause hair loss so that the protein becomes dry and rough hair. If not addressed immediately, the hair's natural moisture can be lost.

Unhealthy diet and lack of nutrition
Lack of nutrition caused by an unhealthy diet can cause the body's protein and vitamin deficiencies, thus causing hair dry and rough. If you want to go on a diet, try to keep eating food that contains protein, vitamins, healthy fats and water to maintain healthy hair. Malnourished body is difficult to have healthy hair because of the lack of nutrients that can make hair stronger condition, shine and not easily fall out.

Medical care and certain drugs can affect the condition of one's hair. Some drugs used to treat heart disease, high cholesterol, hepatitis and diabetes often have side effects that can make hair dry and brittle. Medical treatments such as surgery and transplantation which is claimed to result in the same thing.

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